Magnifying glassAbout VizSec

VizSec started in 2004 as the Workshop on Visualization and Data Mining for Computer Security at ACM CCS. After that first event, the event got bigger and bigger each year as it rotated between a visualization-focused conference and a security-focused conference. After several different publishers for the proceedings, VizSec in 2010 began to publish proceedings with ACM ICPS. The VizSec ICPS page is available at:

Organizing VizSec

VizSec is independently run and we are always looking for people to help out, on the organizing and program committees, with sponsorship and publicizing, and with writing high-quality papers. Contact John Goodall.

The roles and responsibilities of the organizing committee is documented on the Committee Roles page.

Places that we have publicized in the past is documented on the Publicity page.

Steering Committee

  • Gregory Conti
    US Military Academy, West Point
  • Deborah Frincke
    US Department of Defense
  • John Gerth
    Stanford University
  • John Goodall
    Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Lane Harrison
    Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Kwan-Liu Ma
    University of California at Davis
  • Kirsten Whitley
    US Department of Defense
  • Sophie Engle
    University of San Francisco
  • Diane Staheli
    MIT Lincoln Laboratory