Magnifying glassVizSec Sponsorship Opportunities

The IEEE VizSec Symposium is inviting support from industry, academia, and government contributors in security and data visualization.

As a supporter, we encourage you to join us at VizSec 2018, held in conjunction with VIS 2018 this October in Phoenix. Supporters that donate $500 or more may be eligible to receive several benefits:

  • Recruitment — supporters will engage with the talented students and professionals that attend VizSec and all other VIS 2017 events, many of whom are actively seeking internships, employment, and collaboration opportunities.
  • Exhibition — many levels of support include dedicated exhibition space for your organization at VIS 2017.
  • Registration — most levels include one or more complimentary registrations for representatives from your organization.
  • Exposure — for all support levels, your organization’s logos will be prominently displayed at all conference events, on the conference web site, and in any conference materials.

Support Options

Please see the IEEE VIS Support Prospectus for support options. For more information on becoming a sponsor, please email

Other Opportunities

We invite support through other opportunities as well. Supporters that donate $100 or more may be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Diversity scholarships - support underrepresented minorities in the fields of visualization and security.
  • Lunch, dinner, coffee breaks, or meetups for attendees - bring together attendees to have a targeted discussion about tools, techniques, and the state of the art in the security industry.
  • Best Paper Award - encourage researchers to make large strides in advancing the state of the art of the security community.
  • Open Source Award - incentivize authors to release their data and tools open source, expanding the resources available to developers, practitioners, and researchers.
  • Supporters’ Panel - participate in a panel to discuss challenges in the security industry, current approaches to solutions, and opportunities for research.

For more information, or to inquire about other support opportunities, please email

VizSec Highlights

VizSec has been rapidly growing in recent years — both in attendance and in the diversity of our attendees and their work. Recently, acceptance rates have been in the range of 28%-32%. VizSec’s attendance has grown to consistently attract 80 to 110 attendees each year from industry, academia, and government. Perhaps the most unique feature of VizSec, as remarked by Terry Yoo, General Chair of the 2016 IEEE VIS Conference, is that VizSec consistently attracts attendees and research contributions from outside the core visualization community.

Check out our Proceedings Browser from long-time contributor Fabian Fischer, and our VizSec program from last year.