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VizSec 2017 Call for Papers

2017-03-07 00:00:00 +0000

We are pleased to announce that the VizSec 2017 Call for Papers is officially open! You have until July 18th, 2017 to complete your submission for full and short papers.

Technical research papers may present techniques, applications, theory, analysis, experiments, or evaluations. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Situation awareness and/or understanding
  • Incident handling including triage, exploration, correlation, and response
  • Computer forensics
  • Recording and reporting results of investigations
  • Assisting proactive security configuration and deployment
  • Reverse engineering and malware analysis
  • Vulnerability management
  • Multiple data source analysis
  • Analyzing information requirements for computer network defense
  • Evaluation and/or user testing of VizSec systems
  • Criteria for assessing the effectiveness of cyber security visualizations (whether from a security goal perspective or a human factors perspective)
  • Modeling system and network behavior
  • Modeling attacker and defender behavior
  • Studying risk and impact of cyber attacks
  • Predicting future attacks or targets
  • Security metrics and education
  • Software security
  • Mobile application security
  • Social networking privacy and security

As in 2016, we will be accepting short papers describing practical applications of security visualization – we welcome discussions on lessons learned, success stories, challenges, and insights gained from cyber security visualization in practice. We invite cyber security practitioners from industry, as well as the research community, to submit case studies.

We look forward to your submissions, and to hearing about your experiences at VizSec in October!

Full details about the Call for Papers

VizSec 2016 papers are in the IEEE DL

2016-11-28 00:00:00 +0000

Papers for 2016 are now in the IEEE Digital Library.

For more information about the 2016 program, see

Program Schedule Available

2016-09-27 00:00:00 +0000

The VizSec 2016 program is now available.

Jay Jacobs will provide the Keynote talk entitled The State of (Viz) Security at VizSec 2016. There will also be a panel discussion led by LTC Stoney Trent and Anita D’Amico.

Jay Jacob's to Provide Keynote

2016-09-20 00:00:00 +0000

Jay Jacobs will provide the Keynote talk entitled The State of (Viz) Security at VizSec 2016. The information security industry is changing rapidly (like always). It’s worthwhile to take a moment to stop and look around to figure out if we are still on a good path. Join Jay Jacobs as he takes looks back over his career along with 12 years of VizSec and takes stock of where we are and some areas we should be moving towards.

VizSec 2016 Registration

2016-09-08 00:00:00 +0000

IEEE VIS Conference Registration is open. VizSec is one day, so please register for at least a one day pass.

We look forward to seeing you at VizSec in October!